Colors Of Nature

Nature is not confined to any state. It stays beautiful even in grey areas of life. There is always a new little leaf after a big storm. It is us, the transient beings miss to find the beauty of life amidst the never-ending run for superiority.

It Is Not Always About Love & Romance!

Relationships are not always about love and romance, but at sometimes, it is about lifting up each other, helping them realize they have a purpose and believing in them especially when they itself don’t believe in them. You are showering them with love but your partner or friend is lacking inner confidence and peace at…

Pain & Darkness!

With darkness, shines the moon bright. With pain, we shine bright. The time has to come for you to shine!

Epic Nandi Statue At Nandi Hills

This cute little Nandi statue is located at the kernel of Nandi Hills, exactly where the river Palar orginates. This Nandi statue is also a show stealer amidst various attractions in that majestic hill. Never miss this epic sight when you visit Nandi Hills.


It is not about the strength of the branch but it’s about the strength of your wings which is needed to survive the worst.

I Have Planted Great Forests!

Squirrels found in India are called Indian Palm Squirrel or 3 Striped Squirrel. They normally bury a hole in the ground and hide their food such as seeds and nuts in order to save them from potential thieves. But they do not dig all of them up resulting in unknowingly contributing for the growth of…

I’m leaving too!

Population of Grevy’s Zebras has declined upto 54% in the last three decades. One of the reasons for their substantial reduction is hunting and habitat loss. Thus concluding humans as the biggest threat, again!

I’m powerful than you, my owner!

Cats have six to eight times more rod cells in their eyes, which makes them able to see well in dawn and dusk. Also, a cat’s field of view (200 degrees) is more wider than us, humans (180 degrees).

Food Is Being Prepared

For birds and animals, summer rain is just a “food is being prepared” notification from God!